About us

New Testing and Verification Workplace for Rubber Products (TVW RP) is established on the Institute of Logistics of TUKE in cooperation with the Faculty of Aeronautics of TUKE with a particular focus on determining mechanical and physical properties of rubber products.

The main function of TVW RP is to provide testing (servicing) services, focusing on the technological expertise in the development, production and use of rubber products, under which they will be acquired comprehensive knowledge about the principles of their behaviour.

Technological expertise is focused on improving product, process and service quality of products with reference to the potential for improvement in all three areas. Services provided by the TVW RP will have the character of applied research with a focus on the development of knowledge, abilities, experimental skills and habits of workers from industry.

The transfer of knowledge gained by experimental research into practice will be ensured for students. The workplace will be provider of accredited tests for users and producers of rubber products.