Range of Experimental Tests for TVW RP

Package Test Designation Norm
Rubber Properties &

Dimensions of Belt

Tensile strength of rubber (fresh and aged) DIN 53504
Elongation at break  (fresh and aged)
Abrasion of rubber DIN ISO 4649
Dimensions of belt DIN 22102, DIN 22109,

DIN 22129, DIN EN ISO 15236, DIN EN ISO 14890, DIN EN ISO 7590,

DIN EN ISO 22721

Shore hardness of rubber DIN 53505,


Density of rubber ISO 2781
Special Properties of Belt Flame resistance test DIN 22103, EN ISO 340
Resistance to breakdown
Physical Properties of Belt Electrical conductivity ISO 284
Mechanical Properties of Belt Adhesion of textile belts DIN EN ISO 252, DIN 53530
Tensile properties of textile belts (max. up to 1000 N/mm) DIN EN ISO 283