Zwick ProLine 30kN Test Machine

with non-contact extensometer and  pneumatically operated grips, used to measure the strength and ductility of covering layers, tensile strength across the thickness of the conveyor belts (max. up to 1000 N/mm) and for testing the adhesion of structural elements of conveyor belts

Hardness Tester Bareiss HPE II

for rubber hardness determination by Shore method A according to ISO 868

Analysis Balance SECURA 224-1S

for measuring the density of rubber according to ISO 2781

Abrasion Tester  Bareiss AB 6347

to measure the resistance of rubber abrasion according to ISO 4649

Device WAZAU

for flame resistance test of rubber


Electrical Conductivity Device Tera Ohmmeter TO 3

for conveyor belts according to ISO 284